Herein, fragments of Contrivances.

Regina the Gentlelady reads "Corinne."May 11, 2012, The White House Studio Project, Toronto, ON, Canada: MELODRAMZ: A Night of Contrivances was the name of the launch party. An art exhibition of work in and related to the book, co-curated by author David Balzer and Daniel Gallay, was on view for one night only. In the tradition of Ronald Firbank and Pedro Almodovar, there were readings from literary drag queens and kings—including Regina the Gentlelady (Light Fires/Gentleman Reg, pictured above). After the readings, DJs Kevin Ritchie (Big Primpin), Luis Jacob (Love Saves the Day) and Balonius (Shakedown Street) spun. Reeraw (Sheroes) spun between readings and curated wall-projected gif-art of classic melodramas.
Full list of exhibiting artistsDerek Aubichon (Toronto), Marcel Dzama (NYC), Alison Fleming (Montreal), Alexandra Flood (London, UK), Oliver Husain (Toronto), Sholem Krishtalka (Toronto), Vanessa Rieger (Toronto), Emily Stoddart (NYC), Margaux Williamson (Toronto),  Janet Werner (Montreal).

Full list of drag performersLauren BrideRegina the GentleladySean O’Neill and Liz Peterson (Events in Real Time), Bojana Stancic.

Full list of gif artistsHelen Adamidou (Barcelona), Gaby Cepeda (Buenos Aires), Manuel Fernández (Madrid), Tony Halmos (Toronto), Georges Jacotey (Drama, Greece), Rollin Leonard (Cape Elizabeth, Maine), Grace McEvoy (Dublin), Sally McKay (Toronto), Rea McNamara (Toronto), Lorna Mills (Toronto), Chiara Passa (Rome), Yoshi Sodeoka (NYC) and Giselle Zatonyl (NYC).


"Corinne," read by Regina the Gentlelady from Contrivances on Vimeo.

"Cygnus," read by Lauren Bride from Contrivances on Vimeo.

"The Mask," read by Liz Peterson from Contrivances on Vimeo.